Duncan Hunter Calls For Investigation Of Bergdahl Cash Ransom – West/Hunter 2016

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Answers Needed On Bergdahl Ransom Payment

Bergdahl: Ransomed or no?

Bergdahl: Ransomed or no? View Enlarged Image

Oversight: A House Armed Services Committee member asks for a probe into reports that money was paid in a failed attempt to ransom alleged deserter Bowe Bergdahl. And where’s that Bergdahl investigation report, anyway?
Back on Oct. 16 we noted that the Pentagon had completed its investigation into Sgt. Bergdahl’s abandonment of his Afghan post. But the report by Brig. Gen. Kenneth Dahl would not be released, according to an Army spokesman, until the end of a review process that was likely to be conveniently lengthy, lasting at least until after the midterm elections.
It has now been over six months since Bergdahl’s May 14 release in exchange for five top Taliban commanders and a month since the administration’s electoral thumping. Yet the report has still not been made public.
It presumably contains a conclusion on whether…

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