Allen West: SitRep: Run-Offs and Recount Update

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SITREP | Allen West Guardian Fund

Allen West Guardian Fund

December 5, 2014

We have not reached the finish line!

A few weeks ago we released a report to our stakeholders, illustrating what The Guardian Fund was able to accomplish because of your unwavering support of our mission to elect conservative minorities and veterans to Congress. More than just quantified election results, what the report ultimately showed was the American people’s demand for strong, fearless leadership in Washington, D.C.

This election cycle, The Guardian Fund was a vehicle for conservative voices across the country and an essential force behind the Republican momentum that ultimately led to a shift in power. However, while most of us celebrated sweeping Republican victories and the end of a long, successful campaign season last month, there were several races in which November 4th did not yield undisputed results for candidates and voters alike.

These ‘undecided’ races cannot…

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