NYS Voters don’t want a pay raise for NY lawmakers

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JOSEPH SPECTORhttp://rochesterdemocrat.ny.newsmemory.com/


ALBANY — New Yorkers strongly opposed giving the state Legislature its first raise since 1999, and they remained split over whether the state should have moved forward with hydraulic fracturing, a Siena College poll Friday found. Voters opposed a legislative pay raise, 63 percent to 28 percent, amid stalled talks between state leaders over exchanging a pay raise this month for ethics reforms.

A deal appears unlikely.

Increasing lawmakers base pay of $79,500 was least popular upstate, where salaries and cost of living are less than downstate. Seventy-four percent of upstate voters opposed the pay raise.

“An issue that unifies New York voters is a legislative pay raise,” said Siena pollster Steven Greenberg in a statement. “It’s opposed by strong majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents, downstaters and upstaters—upstaters really hate the idea—blacks and whites, young and old.”

On Wednesday, the state concluded it…

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NYC’s communist mayor in tough position of his own making

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NEW YORK — Mayor Bill de Blasio was elected last year after making promises to keep crime low while improving relations between police and the community. As the tensions between those promises continue to mount, Friday showed just how tricky threading that needle has been. In the morning, de Blasio met with leaders of the protests that have swept through New York City in the weeks after a grand jury declined to indict the police officer who placed Eric Garner in a fatal chokehold while trying to arrest him.

In the afternoon, he ventured to New York Police Department headquarters to heap praise on the force, a week after an angry police union circulated a petition to bar him from any NYPD funerals.

And in the evening, a pair of protests — one propolice, the other against — were held outside City Hall, with each…

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Fracking decision may keep Cuomo in New York

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Letter to the Editor http://rochesterdemocrat.ny.newsmemory.com/

Fracking decision may keep Cuomo in New York

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s latest pandering to his liberal base, the banning of large-scale hydrofracking in New York, may shore up his political position in the state, which is all but completely controlled by downstate left-wing politicians like Cuomo anyway. But, in my opinion, combined with the NY SAFE Act, it all but guarantees that he will never be the president. These actions will not play well in key swing states like Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, as well as in much of the rest of the country.

So we in New York may be stuck with him, but it is highly unlikely the rest of the country will be. And as long as the rest of the country isn’t the political insane asylum that New York has become over the years, we can always vote with our…

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NYS Thruway Authority OKs an unbalanced $1.7 billion 2015 budget

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SEE VIDEO, READ MORE: http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/local/2014/12/19/thruway-oks-unbalanced-budget/20668387/

Joseph Spector, 11:45 p.m. EST December 19, 2014

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ALBANY – The state Thruway Authority on Friday passed a 2015 budget that leaves a funding gap, and the agency refused to answer questions about whether a toll hike is imminent.
The Thruway board adopted the $1.7 billion budget with a $25 million revenue shortfall with no discussion or debate. The board and top staff then went into a closed-door room rather than answer questions from the media about whether a toll increase would be needed in 2015.
Later, after reporters were told there would be no comment from Thruway officials, a spokesman put out a statement saying that the Thruway would review its options to close its deficit.
“As always, board members and Thruway staff will continue to closely monitor all spending and determine what options are available and what actions are necessary to…

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The Mesopotamian Venice: The Lost Floating Homes of Iraq

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There’s a lot of talk nowadays about how to live more sustainably, but what surprises me is how complicated people choose to make this process. If you really want to live in a sustainable home and lead a sustainable lifestyle, you need not look too further – just go back to the roots. Sadly, the world right now is on the brink of a cultural amnesia. A language is dying every two weeks, urbanization is taking momentum once more and every nation’s heritage is slowly eroding away. One needs only to learn about the Ma’dan to understand what I’m jabbering about.


The Ma’dan, or Marsh Arabs inhabit the marshy area at the junction of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in Iraq. They are a seminomadic tribal people with their own distinct culture, whose way of life has changed very little in the…

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told ya it was on the way….Knife Rights fights against NYC blade ordinances

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told ya it was on the way….

National knife rights group mounts appeal from second circuit, district court decision that dismissed their complaint against New York City officials who are allegedly, unfairly and unlawfully, prosecuting knife owners.
“Nothing city officials are doing has any impact on actual criminal activity,” said Doug Ritter, founder and chairman of Knife Rights, an organization formed in 2006 to combat an anti-knife agenda that seeks to restrict citizens of their right to own, use and carry knives. “This is about persecuting honest, law abiding citizens for carrying a simple pocket knife.”
Most knife attacks, including the most recent one at a synagogue in Brooklyn, are not committed with pocket knives; most are committed with large fixed-blade kitchen knives, he said. “The vast majority of people who carry the pocket knife do so because they use them – just like everyone else –…

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