NYS Voters don’t want a pay raise for NY lawmakers

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JOSEPH SPECTORhttp://rochesterdemocrat.ny.newsmemory.com/


ALBANY — New Yorkers strongly opposed giving the state Legislature its first raise since 1999, and they remained split over whether the state should have moved forward with hydraulic fracturing, a Siena College poll Friday found. Voters opposed a legislative pay raise, 63 percent to 28 percent, amid stalled talks between state leaders over exchanging a pay raise this month for ethics reforms.

A deal appears unlikely.

Increasing lawmakers base pay of $79,500 was least popular upstate, where salaries and cost of living are less than downstate. Seventy-four percent of upstate voters opposed the pay raise.

“An issue that unifies New York voters is a legislative pay raise,” said Siena pollster Steven Greenberg in a statement. “It’s opposed by strong majorities of Democrats, Republicans and independents, downstaters and upstaters—upstaters really hate the idea—blacks and whites, young and old.”

On Wednesday, the state concluded it…

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