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(a) Whoever travels in interstate or foreign commerce or uses any facility of interstate or foreign commerce, including, but not limited to, the mail, telegraph, telephone, radio, or television, with intent – (1) to incite a riot; or (2) to organize, promote, encourage, participate in, or carry on a riot; or (3) to commit any act of violence in furtherance of a riot; or (4) to aid or abet any person in inciting or participating in or carrying on a riot or committing any act of violence in furtherance of a riot;

and who either during the course of any such travel or use or thereafter performs or attempts to perform any other overt act for any purpose specified in subparagraph (A), (B), (C), or (D) of this paragraph – (!1)

Shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned not more than five years, or both. (b) In any…

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In a Strasbourgian world, Hamas is not terrorism and Palestine is a State

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In a Strasbourgian world, Hamas is not terrorism and Palestine is a State

Posted: 22 Dec 2014 11:05 AM PST

The rockets raining on the civilian population are another Hamas’ forte. The group also tried to hit the chemical plants in Haifa and to carry out mass killings. Its politics intends to hit the Christians as well, and it persecutes them on its territory. Hamas imposes the Shari’a, indoctrinates its kids to hatred. This year, around 15 thousand young boys, twice as many as last year, graduated in its paramilitary camps. As Ismail Haniyeh said, “This generation does not know fear, it is the generation of rockets, tunnels and suicide missions”. We, the Europeans, found a path for them that will soon be thriving through every institution: the way of the legal Intifada.

Fiamma Nirenstein..
Times of Israel..
21 December ’14..

It was really a nice idea to come…

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Attack Dogs

Posted: 21 Dec 2014 08:43 AM PST

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The Anti-Police Movement

Posted: 21 Dec 2014 07:22 AM PST

By: Cliff Kincaid America’s Survival Chicago Police Officer Martin Preib discusses the anti-police movement. Preib took on one of the Innocence Project’s first big wrongful conviction successes out of Chicago. It was the Anthony Porter case, a double murder in Chicago in 1982. Porter was…

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Subversion: Attacks on Police are…

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FrontPage Mag: The Democratic Party Killed Two Cops in New York

BREAKING: FBI Confirms Possible “Islamic State” Plot in Major U.S. City

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H/T HolgerAwakens

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2014

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, better known as ISIS, has been actively recruiting and inspiring sympathetic Muslims and jihadists in the United States.
ISIS has vowed to eventually conquer America and has called for lone jihadists to launch attacks wherever they are at, using whatever means are at their disposal.

Now the FBI is warning about a possible ISIS terror plot in the heartland of America and the mid-south, according to the local Fox affiliate in Memphis.
The FBI bulletin warns that there is an active plot for an ISIS member or sympathizer to blow up the I-55 bridge that crosses over the Mississippi River, connecting the states of Arkansas and Tennessee.
“According to an anonymous complainant, as of December 2014, ISIS instructed an ISIS member, a presumed USPER (U.S. person) in Memphis, with a direct order to blow up…

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Singer Joe Cocker dies of lung cancer

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Monday, December 22 2014, 03:45 PM EST

NEW YORK (AP) — British singer Joe Cocker, whose had hits that included “You Are So Beautiful” and “Up Where We Belong,” and a contortionist style of performance memorably parodied by John Belushi on “Saturday Night Live,” has died. He was 70.

His London-based agent, Barrie Marshall, said Cocker died Monday of lung cancer in Colorado, where he has lived for the past two decades.

Cocker, a song interpreter more than a songwriter, first became known through his hit cover of the Beatles’ “With a Little Help From My Friends,” and a characteristically manic performance at the first Woodstock festival in 1969. His raucous “Mad Dogs & Englishmen” tour of 1970 produced a film and a recording that went gold.

He had a top 10 hit in 1975 on the aching ballad “You Are So Beautiful,” with his voice cracking on the final…

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VIDEO: DOJ ‘police reform’ consultant taunts NYPD police

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By: Renee Nal

New Zeal
Palestinian Resistance1
Bassem Masri, an infamous Ferguson agitator, has surfaced in New York City taunting police officers who were mourning the loss of their fellow colleagues, Officers Rafael Ramos and Wenjian Liu.
As reported by Victoria O’Kane at Broadside News:

Officer Lieu was only twenty-eight and had just been married two months earlier. Officer Ramos had just turned forty on December ninth and had a thirteen year old son who must now grow up without a father.

Masri took to the streets of New York City after the horrific execution to goad police officers as he did so many times in Ferguson. In the video, Masri encourages police to stand with “real men” of the “Palestinian resistance.”
Watch the video here, if you can stomach it:

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