Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’: Republican Propaganda?

a12iggymom's Blog

By Mark Tapson

The Left’s unhinged reaction to a war movie that doesn’t blame America.


Nothing galvanizes the kneejerk anti-Americanism of progressive film critics today like a war movie that doesn’t conform to Hollywood’s morally repugnant, self-loathing, post-9/11 narrative.
Throughout our conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, Hollywood’s war movie output consisted almost exclusively of politicized, anti-war propaganda depicting our soldiers as PTSD-riddled war criminals, holding our country as morally culpable as the enemy, and pinning the very war itself on Republican administration lies, greed, and imperialism. Syriana, In the Valley of Elah, Stop-Loss, Rendition, Redacted, Lions for Lambs, Taxi to the Dark Side, Home of the Brave, Green Zone, Brothers, Body of Lies, Grace is Gone, and more – almost all box office duds – attempted to undermine the legitimacy of our side in the war effort.


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