Global Trends 2015: A Dialogue About the Future

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People have asked for this document so here it is…moved up from 2025 to 2015….

December 2000
Global Trends 2015:
A Dialogue About the Future
With Nongovernment Experts
This paper was approved for publication by the
National Foreign Intelligence Board under the authority
of the Director of Central Intelligence.
Prepared under the direction of the National
Intelligence Council.
NIC 2000-02

13 December 2000
From the Director of Central Intelligence
I am pleased to introduce Global Trends 2015, which takes a look at the world
over the next 15 years from the perspective of the national security policymaker.
This is not a traditional intelligence assessment, depending on classified sources
and methods. Rather, it reflects an Intelligence Community fully engaged with
outside experts in a constructive dialogue about the future. I want to encourage
this lively exchange.
From the beginning of this ambitious project in fall 1999, we intended to make

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