Why Your Home Isn’t Safe From Government Seizure

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Ten years after the Supreme Court opened the door for government seizure of your home, cities and counties across the country are getting bolder.

In fact, in one small Indiana town, the mayor even proposed seizing an entire neighborhood – in order to construct private businesses.

On today’s edition of Off The Grid Radio, we take a close look at what is known as eminent domain and what you can do to keep your home if the government comes knocking on your door. It’s a subject that impacts all of us – on- or off-grid.

Phil Applebaum of the Institute for Justice tells us:

  • Whether there are legitimate, legal reasons for the seizure of your home.
  • How some towns are violating their own state laws in an effort to seize homes.
  • What the Constitution (surprisingly) says about eminent domain.
  • How some states have fought back against the Supreme Court’s…

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