Carl Palidino: Important Message re: the NY SAFE Act

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portant Message re: the NY SAFE Act.

Today is the two year Anniversary of the SAFE Act. Senator Nozzolio introduced a “Repeal” Bill last week. Nozzolio and his co-sponsors know that this is only an attempt to appease their constituents—it has no chance of becoming law so long as Cuomo is Governor. This is the classic two-step….feed them a story back home while the insiders in Albany wink and nod.

The opportunity for the real SAFE Act reform is there, the NYC Dems MUST have an extension of the rent control laws by June. MUST. It would be political Armageddon for them if the rent control laws expired. All Skelos has to do is require SAFE Act reform in exchange for the rent control rules.

Joe Spector had an interesting article January 9th in the Gannett quoting Skelos as hiding behind the “Cuomo and Silver will never allow it” line…

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