After a Grueling 3 Year Battle, Court Rules That The NYPD Has to Explain Their X-Ray Vans

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nypd x-ray vans police

New York, NY — Over the past few years the NYPD has deployed a secretive program that uses unmarked vans with specialized X-ray machines designed to look through nearby objects; and the public knows little to nothing about them.

Thanks to ProPublica, a state judge has just ordered that the NYPD has some explaining to do in regards to their surreptitious X-ray van program.

An example of how the NYPD is keeping the citizens in the dark is that no data has been released on who’s being examined, or what they cost to operate, or if the officers using said equipment are being careful enough not to cause radiation induced cancer in their unwitting victims.

ProPublica filed the request as part of its investigation into the proliferation of security equipment, including airport body scanners, that expose people to ionizing radiation, which can mutate DNA and increase the…

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