How we start disinfecting Albany

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I agree on all points Assemblyman Lalor. Nice job.

How we can start disinfecting Albany

By Kieran Michael Lalor

February 1, 2015 | 7:24pm

How we can start disinfecting Albany
Photo: Shannon DeCelle

With the departure of Sheldon Silver as Assembly speaker amid federal corruption charges, we have a duty to seize this opportunity to boldly and fundamentally reform state government.

First, we should cut the legislative session from six months to three and reduce legislator compensation accordingly. We can get the budget done and deal with any other major issues in that time.

Right now, less than 60 days of session are spread out over six months. And many of those session days aren’t days at all. They’re an hour or two of passing non-controversial bills unanimously or near-unanimously.

If each session lasted five or six hours, we wouldn’t even need three months.

With lawmakers in session for six months, they feel the need to…

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