DHS Reveals Citizens Who Love Constitution More Dangerous Than ISIS – February 20, 2015 by Steven Ahle

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Just after the close of Obama’s summit on extremism, the DHS released it’s report on extremism. Nowhere in the document does it mention ISIS ,Al Qaeda or any other extremist terror organization. Their determination? Sovereign citizens.

On April 5th of 2013, I broke a national story about the DHS targeting Christians and sovereign citizens. The DHS was paying for a program whereby state police would train local law enforcement how to spot Christian and sovereign citizen terrorists. Glenn Beck read my story and began investigating to find out if I was on the level or just another tinfoil hatted maniac. He found out that not only did I have my facts right, but that I even produced a witness who sat in on the training. He was shocked and read my article on his program. (Fast forward to 4:40)


Joe Newby, a good friend and a reporter for the…

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