James O’Keefe: Breaking News: The story that has me fearing for my life . . .

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Project Veritas
There are three things I value in my undercover reporting team at Project Veritas: tenacity, integrity and brass balls.


The video we’re releasing tomorrow is a product of our undercover reporting team demonstrating these virtues. Our story will break in a major newspaper and people are already talking about it..

As I mentioned, I’ve conducted many major investigative stories during the past five years and I’ve never been more afraid for my life than I am with this story.

I’ve been chased by union officials down the highway, crossed the border as a terrorist, and faced unjust incarceration, amongst others. But sometimes, the fear catches up to you.

Especially when the target of my investigation has reached the top levels of power and is in President Obama’s inner circle.

In my recent book, Breakthrough, I talked about how politics, ambition and fear deter some journalists from touching certain…

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