Obama Exploits the Ignorance of Young People to Seize Control of the Internet

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SOURCE: http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/daily/2015/02/24/obama_exploits_the_ignorance_of_young_people_to_seize_control_of_the_internet

RUSH: On Thursday the FCC is gonna vote on net neutrality. I have some people sending me e-mail, asking me what it is. I’ll sum it up as best I can for you, but what is going to happen Thursday is a direct result of Obama hijacking the effort — essentially, let me just put it to you this way. Do you own a website, do you operate a website? If Obama gets his way, you’re gonna have to get a license for it just like radio and TV stations get licenses, because the Internet is gonna be subject to regulation under Title II like broadcast facilities are. Cable is not, but over the air broadcast — But they can’t wait to regulate the Internet, folks, they just can’t wait.
DictatorNetNeutrality.jpgThere’s too much freedom out there. There’s too many people, quote, unquote, “out of control” on the Internet…

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