Is “Martial Law” Drill in U.S. Actually Prep for Russian Retaliation due to U.S. Arming of Ukraine?

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“We reserve the right to conduct conferences in Russia, Mexico and the U.S. to raise the question of breaking away the above mentioned states (Texas, California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado and Wyoming) from the U.S., and (about) supplying weapons to resistance fighters there,” Abdurakhmanov said.



Washington, D.C. – Over the past week, a special operations “drill” known as Jade Helm 15 was announced which is scheduled to take place continuously between July 15th – September 15th in a number of Southwestern U.S. states. The states involved include Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Utah, Nevada, and California. The drill has made its way into the public consciousness and sparked fears amongst some of the martial law preparations.
While some perceive this as a training scenario for potential martial law scenarios, U.S. Army Special Operations Command has pushed back against claims that the upcoming U.S. military exercise is…

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