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I was detained last night by federal authorities at San Francisco International Airport for refusing to answer questions about why I had travelled outside the United States.

The end result is that, after waiting for about half an hour and refusing to answer further questions, I was released – because U.S. citizens who have produced proof of citizenship and a written customs declaration are not obligated to answer questions.

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Fed Up in Rhode Island Patriots Write Open Letter to Governor and Adjutant General

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by Kit Lange

Apr 7, 2015

Fed Up in Rhode Island, a patriot group, brought this story to our attention a few days ago.  Apparently their legislature is about to pass a horribly bad law that would allow the National Guard to be activated without a declaration of martial law, simply to “reinforce” standing police departments.    They decided to appeal to their elected officials, as we have here in WA State.

READ MORE: http://www.patrickhenrysociety.com/fed-up-in-rhode-island-patriots-write-open-letter-to-governor-and-adjutant-general/

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Phase Two of Jade Helm 15 Is Emerging

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As many of us have suspected since the announcement of Jade Helm 15 and their desire to “Master the Human Domain”, there is a lot to Jade Helm 15 that is not being released. We know the “drill” is a “dissident extraction” exercise which many of us fear could go live at any time. A week ago, I received information that the United Nations, including Russian troops, were going to have a presence in the drill. Subsequently, I reported that the United Nations would have an “observer” in every unit in every part of the Jade Helm 15 drill.

Common sense would dictate that Jade Helm 15 personnel do not need 60 days (July 15-September 15) to practice/complete extraction drills. Most researchers as well as my insider sources concur there is more to Jade Helm than the announced purpose. Although the drill is not scheduled to start in over 3…

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The whole idea of practicing “extractions” (a nice word for kidnappings) in U.S. cities sends chills up my spine. Using the aforementioned laws, this kind of activity has already been made “legal” in this country. So, first we have laws authorizing such activity, and now our military troops are practicing doing it? Please tell me, again, how we have nothing to worry about.

Folks, please take a look at what is happening in this country: our local and State police are being militarized; we have ubiquitous laws being proposed and passed (by both major parties) denying the Bill of Rights; we have Twentynine Palms Marine Corps surveys asking Marines if they would turn their guns on the U.S. citizenry; we have repeated attempted gun confiscation coming from Washington, D.C.; we have hundreds of military field-grade officers being dismissed because of their loyalty to the U.S. Constitution; we have a federal…

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BREAKING: Barry suspends star communications senior over Project Veritas video!

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Project Veritas
Have you heard the horrible news?


Barry University suspended our undercover journalist – Laura

We can’t let them stifle free speech or freedom of the press.

That’s why I hope you’ll make a generous tax-deductible gift immediately to help us defray Laura’s legal cost, hire her as a full-time employee and support our other work.

Here’s what’s at stake: If her suspension isn’t lifted immediately, Laura is in jeopardy of not graduating!

That’s why your help is so urgent.

Every local TV station in south Florida has already covered this breaking news story.

As I’ve told you in previous emails, Laura is a honor student who holds a 4.0 G.P.A. In fact, on the same day our Barry video was released, she received the award for Most Outstanding Senior in the Communications department.

It’s difficult for me to comprehend how Barry University simultaneously deems Laura as an honor student and…

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