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Project Veritas
You need to see the latest shock video we just released from our campus investigation series.

We can’t let them stifle free speech or freedom of the press.

Project Veritas’ undercover journalist caught professors, staffers and students from several California universities and colleges pledging their financial support for terrorist organizations!

You can watch the video by clicking on the image below:


When you watch this video, you’ll see members of California universities and colleges – who have received FIVE BILLION DOLLARS from the federal government – pledging to support ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah.

As with most who signed our petition, Professor Bruce Burnam gave his John Hancock after our journalist said: “Sign, print and address to pledge our financial, our money to Islamic State and Hamas and Hezbollah and groups like that.”

I know you’ll be shocked by our footage.

I also hope you’ll continue your support of Project Veritas…

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