1995 Video: Obama Praises Communist Mentor Frank Marshall Davis

Shine – Hitlers Never Die

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20 Mar 2012 11:48 AM PDT

Shine – Hitlers never die

Dr. Haim Shine..
Israel Hayom..
20 March ’12..

Israeli authors, former Mossad and Shin Bet agents, economists and various cultural figures are terrorizing Israeli society and Israel’s leadership. With their ample talent, they are painting an apocalyptic picture of the day Israel decides to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. In efforts to convince the public, they have enlisted an arsenal of empty arguments, reminiscent of the dismissive arguments once used to trivialize the threat posed by Hitler and the Nazi regime.

You have to be pretty dense, naive and superficial to close your eyes and assume that Iran’s threats are empty and that their only interest in splitting atoms is to illuminate Tehran with a plethora of nuclear-powered lights.

Like any Israeli citizen, my hope is that a military strike on Iran will not be necessary. Anyone who has…

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Allen West: Obama Removes Cuba From Terrorists List, Hours Later Cuban Sponsored Terrorists Do This

(Video) Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks after Viewing “Crossing The Line 2”

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(Video) Ayaan Hirsi Ali Speaks after Viewing “Crossing The Line 2”

Posted: 16 Apr 2015 12:00 AM PDT

In this video Ayaan Hirsi Ali speaks at a recent screening of our film, Crossing the Line 2, a new documentary from Jerusalem U that reveals the rise of anti-Israel activity and anti-Semitic rhetoric on North American university campuses, and demonstrates when reasonable criticism of Israel ‘Crosses the Line’ into anti-Semitism.

Jerusalem U..
12 April ’15..

Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a human rights activist, champion of free speech, and best-selling author. Time Magazine has listed her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

In this video she speaks at a recent screening of our film “Crossing The Line 2“, and she talks about about anti-Semitism on college campuses and discusses how criticism of Israel is often fueled by hatred of Jews.


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Guess Who Inspired an Antisemitic ‘Documentary’ That Says Jews Have Been ‘Mastermind’ For Over 3,500 Years?

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Guess Who Inspired an Antisemitic ‘Documentary’ That Says Jews Have Been ‘Mastermind’ For Over 3,500 Years?

Posted: 14 Apr 2015 10:41 PM PDT

…Erdogan’s December 12, 2014 speech, which focused on this “mastermind” concept, inspired the production of a two-hour “documentary” by one of the leading Turkish television channels, the pro-AKP A Haber. The film, titled “The Mastermind,” first aired on March 15, 2015 and has been broadcast repeatedly since then; in addition, the Turkish Islamist pro-AKP media are circulating the film on their own websites…According to this film, Jewish “domination of the world” goes back 3,500 years, to the days of Moses….The following is an overview of the film

Special Dispatch No.6021..
14 April ’15..

Since October 2014, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has regularly referred to the concept of a “Mastermind” (ust akil, “supra-intellect,” in Turkish) that, he says, is plotting against Turkey. This concept has…

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James O’Keefe: They can stop one man, but they can’t stop us all

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Going through a U.S. Port of entry Wednesday of the week a Customs and Border Patrol agent ques

Project Veritas
Going through a U.S. Port of entry Wednesday this week a Customs and Border Patrol agent questioned me “have you ever been arrested?”

“Yes,” I said.

“Do you think what you did was funny?”

“No,” I said, as my blood began to boil.

I wanted to say, “In fact, it’s very serious when one stands falsely accused, and when US Attorneys resign in disgrace for prosecutorial overreach and misconduct.” But I did not say that for reasons I will get into below.

“Are you done with all that stuff?” The agent said under his breath with a soulless bravado and without even looking me in the eye.

“Yes,” I said, even though I am just getting started with video journalism.

pv_site_image-417.png I have filed FOIA requests for each of the three detentions I…

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