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text size SAFE Act: Missing The Mark?

Updated: Thursday, April 30 2015, 11:29 PM EDT

East Rochester, N.Y. – After the New York SAFE Act took effect on April 15, 2013, gun shops across state stopped selling gun magazines that hold more than ten rounds.

Beikirch’s in East Rochester cleared its shelves of these high-capacity magazines.

But at Beikirch’s Pennsylvania store, high-capacity magazines are both sold and bought.

Beikirch’s owner, Hans Farnung, says he does have New Yorkers come in looking to unload their now-illegal magazines.

“We see quite a bit on the rifle end…not as much on the handgun end,” Farnung said.

Selling high-capacity magazines out of state is one way people can comply with the SAFE Act, but when we checked with several Pennsylvania gun shops, all of them told 13WHAM the number of New Yorkers looking to sell is noticeably low.

“I think they’re putting them away…

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