Gohmert Talks to Beck on Elections, Terrorism & Religious Freedom

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Rep. Louie Gohmert (TX-01) talked to Glenn Beck in studio about terrorism in the United States and abroad. He also weighed in on religious freedom and Hillary Clinton.

I Want My Legacy To Be That They Know That They Screwed With The Wrong Guy — Andrew Breitbart

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Imam Anjem Choudary Tells Hannity That Pamela Geller Should Die

JADE HELM 15 is REAL & Here’s the Proof

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The news of JADE HELM 15 has caught the internet on fire. Now, coming out of the woodwork are the nay sayers, propagandists, and straight out liars. Yes, I am calling them exactly what they are, liars. Political Correctness stops here. The truth may hurt, but it is the truth. If you don’t like that, then either go to a different site or change your behavior.

There have been individuals from “trolls” to others that “claim” they are ex-Special Operations Command stating “this is not a real drill,” Or that “the documents have been modified.” These statements are not true, and are only being used in another “PSYOP” upon the American People. I will prove to you beyond the shadow of a doubt this operation is, in fact, true, and call these people out for what they are, liars! Anyone who tells you this is not a…

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