Jade Helm gone wrong? Waco police: Some bikers may have been shot by officer

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(Photo: Jerry Larson, AP)

WACO, Texas — A phalanx of law enforcement officers were combing a bloody, bullet-riddled crime scene Monday, trying to sort out who killed whom a day after a melee involving rival biker gangs left nine people dead.

Some of the dead and wounded may have been shot by officers responding to the bedlam at the Twin Peaks restaurant franchise, Waco police spokesman Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said.

“They started shooting at our officers and our officers returned fire,” Swanton said. Most of the dead and wounded suffered from gunshot and stab wounds, he added.

“It is a pretty gruesome scene,” Swanton said.

How many bikers may have died from police gunfire is not yet known. Citing a law enforcement source, CNN reported that four of the dead bikers were shot by police.

Read More: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/05/18/waco-shootout-police-involvement/27530257/

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One thought on “Jade Helm gone wrong? Waco police: Some bikers may have been shot by officer”

  1. Well, what do you expect! WACO ! The city that allowed the killing of women and children by fire! The police did nothing to try to stop that! They wanted to get the shithole town back in the news! FRONT PAGE ! All the big news stations jumped on this! I wonder? How come there were not any nigger biker gang members there. Hell, they came for a PEACE TREATY sit down! I know there are nigger bikers! Don’t have any up here in Montana. Heard that nigger lips explode at higher elevation. Something about air pressures. They all were fullface helmets. Their lips would beat them to death if they didn’t. Poor Waco. It really sucks to tell people you were born and raised there!

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