WTF!! This is SO WRONG!! Black Man Vs. White Man Carrying AR-15 Legally. This Is Crazy (Video)

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If you have been browsing through social media chances are you know about how citizens rights are being taken away in the United States by police continuously.
Here is one of the most recent instances of what seems to be police brutality against an African American male. This is the case of Freddie Gray who was arrested in a manner so aggressive that it has been deemed likely what caused his broken neck and later his death. This had happened just a week before the riots broke out in Baltimore.
There is still some mystery behind how Freddie’s spinal cord got severed it just proves that police often use needless force when arresting innocent citizens. Freddie had asked for medical attention on multiple occasions during his detention and transport but was denied every time. With things like this going on in our world today, it is difficult for us to…

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