Demonic Rise Of Chrislam & List of Churches Supporting it *Videos*

If you hear “interfaith”, RUN!! in the other direction!! Chrislam was started by the catholic church in Nigeria to try to end the slaughter of catholics there. It did not work and they transported it to the USA.

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deception of chrislam Capture

Chrislam is the merging of apostate christianity and Islam and it is truly a pit of serpents and devils.  As predicted this demonic religion is exploding across the globe and specifically  in America. It has been dubbed as the new Emergent Church—a church that has “come out of the closet” so to speak,  and is revealing their devilish nature.

 Chrislam was a religion started—in part—by Rick Warren, California’s Saddleback  Megachurch leading pastor. He has been known to embrace of the joining of Christianity and Islam and although he denies his connection, he simultaneously promotes the merger through his ministry and outlets.
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One example of this was a in a meeting where Rick Warren addressed the Islamic Society of North America. In this meeting he told the audience how much he had in common with Muslims and the ideology of Islam. He further promoted a pro-globalization message of uniting…

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2 thoughts on “Demonic Rise Of Chrislam & List of Churches Supporting it *Videos*”

  1. Brzezinski is obsessed with his belief that Israel made nuclear bombs in Praetoria unde rhis watch, which is why he encouraged A Q Khan in Pakistan and Osirak in Iraq. Brzezinski was Obama’s professor and mentor and wants nothing else that a nuclear Iran to strong arm Israel on behalf of the Palestinians. Chief Justice Roberts was loathe to endanger the Catholic majority of the Supreme Court. The HIV medication bill of all the priests and their victims would bankrupt the Vatican. One out of four blacks, one out of five Hispanics and one out of six Italians are high school dropouts. One out of eight blacks, one out of ten Hispanics, and one out of twelve Italians (thank Fumento) have HIV/AIDS. Pope Benedict said pedophilia is not an absolute evil. Pope Francis said he would punch Charlie Hebdo, yet he tries to paint Christian Fundamentalists, those who procured liberty in American Democracy as akin to Islamic extremists. Vatican Osservatore Romano editor Vian said on May 18th, 2009 that Obama “is not a pro-abortion president.” Carolignian Brzezinski spawned Carter, Obama, Zia al Haq, Khomeini, and bin Laden – breaks up superpowers via Aztlan and Kosovo as per Joel Garreau’s Nine Nations. Michael Pfleger and Joe Biden prove Obama is the Pope’s boy. Obama is half a Kearney from County Offaly in Ireland. Talal got Pontifical medal as Fatima mandates Catholic-Muslim union against Jews (Francis Johnson, Great Sign, 1979, p. 126). Catholic Roger Taney wrote Dred Scott decision. John Wilkes Booth, Tammany Hall and Joe McCarthy were Catholics.Now Catholic majority Supreme Court. Subprime construction mobsters had hookers deliver mortgages to banks. Ellis Island Popecrawlers brought in FDR. Since Pio Nino banned voting they consider our Constitution and laws immoral and illegitimate and think nothing of violating them or passing legislation that undermine them. They believe that they can not be fully loyal to their superiors if they do not go the extra stretch and break the law intentionally. Their slovenly, anti-intellectual work ethic produces vacuous, casuistrous blather and a tangle of hypocritical, contradictory regulations. Their clubhouse purges provided praetorian training for corporate misgovernance. They sided with the enemy in both World Wars and now, too. Every American boom has been caused by an Evangelical

    Revival and every major Depression by the domination of new Catholic immigrants. Ate glis-glis but blamed plague on others, now lettuce coli. Their bigotry most encouraged terror yet they reap most security funds. View this life as

    casuistry training to survive purgatory. Rabbi circumcises lower, Pope upper brain. Tort explosion by glib casuistry. Hollywood Joe Kennedy had Bing Crosby proselytize. Bazelya 1992 proves PLO-IRA-KLA links. Our enemy is

    the Bru666elles Sineurabia feudal Axis and the only answer is alliance with Israel and India. They killed six million Jews, a million Serbs, half a million freemasons, a quarter million Gypsies, they guided the slaughter of

    Assyrians and Armenians, and promoted the art of genocide throughout the world, yet now they are relentless in their year to canonize nazi pope. 9/11 was Yugo Crimean blowback: Napoleon started the crusade against the Photius

    Heresy to avenge his uncle, Clinton wanted to cover Pacelli’s war crimes. They had no qualms hijacking American policy in Vietnam or Balkans to papal ends, but when American interests opposed those of the papacy in Iraq and

    Iran, they showed their true fangs (Frum, Unpatriotic Conservatives).

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