O’Keefe: We busted the nation’s biggest drug ring . . .

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or the past few weeks, I’ve been deep undercover, navigating the murky waters of what I found to be the nation’s biggest drug ring.

To pull off this job, I didn’t have to take on the role of a narcotics agent. Thankfully, I didn’t have to join a gang, carry a gun or explore a crack house.

What I found was far more professional because it’s part of a $78 billion government program that may be responsible for over 15,000 deaths, just in the last two years.

The drug dealers I met weren’t carrying Glocks on their hip or protecting their stash with Rottweilers, they were armed with unchecked authority and piles of cash from taxpayers.

I’ll be releasing our undercover report on Thursday, and I’ll warn you, if you watch it, you’ll be fuming over what our government is doing.

Project Veritas’ role is only to investigate and inform…

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