Dear Carl….Sincerely, James Tresmond Jr.

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Thanks James…

Dear Carl,

I am so disappointed in what the media in Buffalo is doing right now. This is a great injustice to you, one of the only true advocates that fights for the best interests of the community of Western New York. Feel free to post the below comment wherever you’d like.

James Tresmond Jr.

It is absolutely outrageous that they are holding Carl Paladino’s feet to the fire for this comment. Listen, watch the original video yourself and you will understand that he was simply stating that in America it’s outrageous our universities will sponsor and pay for foreign students before our own. It’s necessary to look for intent rather than just smear a person based on a quote taken out of context. “Damn asians” was clearly an indelicate colloquial way of expressing frustration against the fact that the schools are subsidizing foreigners instead of Americans…

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