Allen West: UH-OH! Could A States’ Rights Battle Be Emerging?

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states-rightsPublished on July 4th, 2015 | by Allen West Republic

UH-OH! Could A States’ Rights Battle Be Emerging?

This is a call for State governments to assert themselves. States Rights was/is a big issue in the South and the Southern Cross battle flag kind of stood for that.
Michael Patrick Leahy for Breitbart Writes:

A new Rasmussen Poll indicates that a growing number of Americans want state governments to tell the Supreme Court to get out of the business of rewriting laws and telling American citizens how to live their lives.

In a new poll, Rasmussen reported the percentage of Americans who want states to tell the Supreme Court it does not have the power to rewrite the Affordable Care Act or force sovereign states to authorize gay marriages has increased from 24 percent to 33 percent after last week’s Constitution-defying decisions by the court.

A closer look at the…

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SHOCK: Arizona Paper Decries Border Fence as Too High for Mexicans to Safely Jump

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Border Fence in ArizonaBrandon Darby

by Brandon Darby5 Jul 2015707

A mainstream Arizona newspaper is decrying the small section of the Arizona-Mexico border that has a 14-foot-high primary fence because it is too high for illegal immigrants to safely cross. The article, “Border Fence Jumpers Breaking Bones,” includes the claim that sections of the border with a 14-foot-high fence are “as tall as a two or three-story house” and tells the stories of several women who broke bones and were treated extensively to healthcare and surgeries at the expense of U.S. taxpayers. The writer never mentions any lives directly lost as a result of there not being a border fence in most sections, such as when Mexican nationals crossed into the U.S. and murdered father and husband Robert Rosas, a U.S. Border Patrol agent.
The article in question was written by Perla Trevizo for the Arizona Daily Star. In the…

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ADVERTISEMENT: NEW: Confederate Flag T-Shirt

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“If This Flag Offends You…
You Need a History Lesson.” T-Shirt
Only $19.95
With all of the outrage and hoopla about the Confederate flag in recent days, we think it’s time for those of us who actually understand our history to speak out. If you’re like us, you don’t hate anyone, you’re not racist, you don’t support or condone the evils of slavery in 19th century America (north and south). You’re just a patriotic American who takes pride in our southern heritage, which has nothing to do with slavery or racism. And we want to provide a way for you to make that statement loud and clear, which is why we’re releasing this Confederate Flag T-Shirt.

If you’re tired of the liberal and progressive narrative of history determining what is acceptable and what isn’t, then please take a stand with us and tell the liberals, “If the Confederate Flag offends…

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LogansWarning: Islam vs. The Ten Commandments

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Islam vs. The Ten Commandments

by admin July 4, 2015

Ten CommadmentsOne of the main reasons we are losing the war with Islam is because of the overall lack of resolve of the Church. Adding to that is the outright treachery of many Churches. Including Pope Francis himself who actually opened the Vatican to what is out to destroy it. Islam. Another example of Church treachery is when over 50 US Churches opened their doors to Koran readings.
Those actions imply that Islam is Christianity friendly, when in fact the messages are polar opposites. Today I will further prove that by showing how Islam contradicts The Ten Commandments.

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Please fee free to you this article on any other one on my site for educational purposes. Also please help us continue to lead the way in educating America to the true threat of Islam. You can do…

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