ADVERTISEMENT: NEW: Confederate Flag T-Shirt

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“If This Flag Offends You…
You Need a History Lesson.” T-Shirt
Only $19.95
With all of the outrage and hoopla about the Confederate flag in recent days, we think it’s time for those of us who actually understand our history to speak out. If you’re like us, you don’t hate anyone, you’re not racist, you don’t support or condone the evils of slavery in 19th century America (north and south). You’re just a patriotic American who takes pride in our southern heritage, which has nothing to do with slavery or racism. And we want to provide a way for you to make that statement loud and clear, which is why we’re releasing this Confederate Flag T-Shirt.

If you’re tired of the liberal and progressive narrative of history determining what is acceptable and what isn’t, then please take a stand with us and tell the liberals, “If the Confederate Flag offends…

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