M-Obama-had’s friend charged AGAIN with homosexual teen abuse

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Terry Bean with President Obama

Terry Bean with President Obama

A second charge of sodomy and sexual abuse has been filed against prominent “gay”-rights activist and Democratic Party fundraiser Terry Bean, a founder of the Human Rights Campaign.
Ahead of a trial in which a jury will decide whether the 66-year-old Bean is guilty of engaging in sex acts with a teenager, Clackamas County, Oregon, prosecutor Scott Healy filed court documents alleging the Portland man had abused another teenager in 1979, the Register-Guard newspaper in Eugene reported.
Terry Bean mugshot

Terry Bean mugshot

Only days ago, the paper said, Bean’s attorneys had reached an agreement with the first accuser, a 15-year-old boy alleging abuse in 2013, that could result in dismissal of the case.
But Healy objects to Bean’s proposed civil settlement, the details of which have not been made public, and contends the alleged abuse in 1979 should be admissible at the trial, scheduled to begin Aug…

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