FBI: Son of Boston PD capt. had terror plot

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text size FBI: Son of Boston PD capt. had terror plot

Updated: Monday, July 13 2015, 05:40 PM EDT

(Sinclair Broadcast Group) – Federal authorities arrested an armed felon and ISIL supporter in Massachusetts on Independence Day, thwarting possible terror attacks, according to court documents obtained by WRGB.

Alexander Ciccolo, also known as Abu Ali al Amriki, was convicted of driving under the influence of liquor in February. On July 4, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force arrested Ciccolo in Adams, Mass., where he was found carrying a duffel bag containing two Glock pistols, a Colt rifle and a SigArms rifle. Court documents contend Ciccolo had ordered the firearms from a source working with the FBI.

Court documents also state that the FBI became aware of Ciccolo’s desire to fight for ISIL overseas in September. An acquaintance of Ciccolo’s reportedly told the FBI he had a long history of mental…

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