James O’Keefe: Under cover in Greece: Could the same thing happen in the United States?

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As you can see in today’s news, the Greek parliament just effectively disenfranchised the voters who recently enacted opposing austerity reforms in their country. Last night, the Greek politicians voted to accept bailout terms from their European creditors while protestors and police lobbed Molotov cocktails and tear gas at each other in the streets.

In our latest undercover video, we predicted this outcome.

“It looks like a deal will be made,” said James O’Keefe in the video narration which was produced before the parliamentary vote was cast. “Greece will get a bailout. It will be business as usual. . .until the next time Greece can’t pay its bills. Not everyone is happy. And many feel betrayed by their Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.”

With banks closed and riots in the street, what’s truly scary is what’s happening in Greece could happen anywhere — even here in the United…

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One thought on “James O’Keefe: Under cover in Greece: Could the same thing happen in the United States?”

  1. The people I saw rioting in the streets did not appear to me the cream of Democracy nor the type of person one would encounter in the Knights of Columbus. They did appear to resemble the denizens of the MoveOn crowds and those people enchanted with Al Sharpton and Calypso Louie Farakhan.

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