Wallbuilders Ad: History Made Interesting!

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History Made Interesting!

Survey after survey continues to show that Americans’ knowledge of even our most basic history is still on the decline.
Sadly, the presentation of American history today is too often reduced to a study of a succession of sterile facts, dates, and places having no apparent purpose and usually without any relevance to current life. In fact, many current history works now spend extensive time attacking America.
For generations, Americans were inspired about our history. We learned it by studying the lives of those who made it. We understood the American Revolution by studying the lives of George Washington, Abigail Adams, James Otis, and James Armistead; we learned about science by studying Benjamin Franklin, David Rittenhouse, George Washington Carver, and Thomas Edison; we studied the Civil War by reading the life and struggles of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Robert Small, and Harriet Tubman; and so forth…

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