Muslim Marine Misleads Mainstream Media!

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Muslim Marine Misleads Mainstream Media!

by admin July 18, 2015

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No matter how horrific the act is, there are always Muslim propagandists who will exploit the situation by trying to mislead the public into believing it had absolutely nothing to do with Islam. In other words they prey on the sympathies of grieving and trusting non-Muslims.

Today we see another example of this with Pamela Geller’s adversary, “Muslim Marine”.

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Once again I am forced to do the job the mainstream media does not have the stomach to do. Expose the misleading ways of Pamela Geller’s adversary, Muslim Marine. As this time he took his propaganda to the mainstream media. Please lock arms with me and show your support by making a onetime or monthly contribution through the site via PayPal today. Amounts of just $10 up will help counter the Muslim misinformation machine.

Thank you,

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