Americans Can Now Be Arrested For Saying This One Word To Muslims

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Unreal ➠ Americans Can Now Be Arrested For Saying This One Word To Muslims

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handcuffRealizing who we’re not allowed to criticize, we find who rules over us, and in the land of creeping Sharia, it’s most definitely the left’s favorite religious ideology — Islam. Although no other religions are protected from the same censure, it has quickly become considered a hate crime to even speak critically about Muslims.
The U.S. is rapidly beginning the spiraled descent into Sharia compliance with such strict political correctness, and soon every American will be refused their First Amendment right for the sake of protecting Muslims from offense.
Unfortunately, a Massachusetts man learned this the hard way when a neighbor called the police to report him over one word.
Jose Ortiz, 52, was arrested a week ago after he called his Turkish neighbor a “terrorist.” Ludlow Police Sgt. David Belanger…

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One thought on “Americans Can Now Be Arrested For Saying This One Word To Muslims”

  1. When is it enough already! Have him removed from the white house and stripped of his title! This is my first amendment right to criticize my government and right to ask for redress from the government. If a Freedom of religion means to put Jesus in a jar of piss, Allah should be fair game. If atheists can say Christianity is stupid, fairy tale stories, etc., why Is Islam off limits? Second Amendment arguments here? I think not and if you’re against guns you are just plain stupid. The Fourth Amendment, the freedom to travel unmolested is gone bub bye!

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