Non-organic wheat-based food products may be poisoning you with glyphosate

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The Health RangerBefore we get to today’s important story on how wheat products (breads, pastries, pasta, etc.) are routinely contaminated with cancer-causing glyphosate herbicide, I have to chime in on something else.

I have publicly condemned the American dentist who killed Cecil the Lion as part of his “trophy hunting” escapades using a crossbow to kill intelligent, conscious animals like lions and rhinos.

“Trophy hunting” is an abhorrent, despicable activity, and I want you to join in the effort to send a message to this dentist that murdering beautiful animals in Africa does NOT make you a big man!
Read the full story here (warning, some profanity)

Now, for the main story, did you know that your wheat-based foods are often doused with toxic glyphosate weed killer?

If you’re eating non-organic wheat products such as breakfast cereals and breads, you’re probably eating cancer-causing glyphosate!
Click here for the full story


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