Muslim behavior/terrorism correlated with population size

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I received this email from someone, and I am passing it along. Some may find it interesting, or controversial. It reflects the behavior of Muslims as their population grows in a country. What do you think?

What Islam Isn’t

By Dr. Peter Hammond
FrontPageMagazine. com | Monday, April 21, 2008

The following is adapted from Dr. Peter Hammond’s book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat:

Islam is not a religion nor is it a cult. It is a complete system.

MORE: Source: Muslim behavior/terrorism correlated with population size

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This CHILLING Video Shows What Obama’s Refugee Plan Has in Store for America

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(by Cassy Fiano, RWN)

Americans who still insist on giving “refugees” the benefit of the doubt about their intentions for flocking to Western nations, need to see this chilling video compilation. Be warned, the footage shows exactly what is coming to the United States under Barack Obama’s plan for continuing the importation of people, who have no wish to assimilate, but instead want to decimate our culture and dominate the world. This is what’s in store for America.

What started out as an arms-wide-open campaign to welcome “refugees’ from politically hostile or war-torn countries has now turned into a living nightmare for millions. This video might be the most disturbing documentation on the reality of the European immigrant-invasion that you will ever see. It contains horrifying scenes, which our own mainstream media seem to be politically barred from showing us here, lest it upset our government’s progressive agenda.


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James O’Keefe: Shocking New Video: Undercover With Syrian Refugees

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Where did the terrorists that attacked Paris come from? How did they get into France? Project Veritas reporters go undercover in Greece to find out the truth.

You are the first to be sent this brand new video exposing the ease at which Syrian refugees and terrorists can get fake passports and move through Europe on their way to America.


Watch the video of Project Veritas reporters speaking with Syrian refugees as they disclose what the real problem is with the immigrant crisis in Europe. And how they are moving from country to country…taking the same path as one of the Paris terrorists.

In the new controversial video, see the real opinions that Syrian refugees have for the leaders of America. It isn’t pretty.

This crisis is getting worse and this brand new video is the evidence you won’t see on cable news.

Be among the very first to watch…

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