Intel office dumps redacted Benghazi emails on Christmas Eve

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In this Sept. 14, 2012, file photo, Libyan military guards check one of the burnt out buildings at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, during a visit by Libyan President Mohammed el-Megarif to express sympathy for the death of U.S. … more >

By Maria Stainer – The Washington Times – Friday, December 25, 2015
The Office of the Director of National Intelligence released 16 pages of redacted emails on Thursday, a Christmas Eve document dump related to the Benghazi attack in 2012 that killed a U.S. ambassador and three other Americans.
The document dump, in compliance with a Freedom of Information Act request, included information and press clips emailed between various intelligence officials and senior operations officers. Some of the information that had been designated as “Top Secret” now has been declassified, but large chunks still remained blacked out.
The emails discuss the following: the terror attack on…

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