Marjorie Taylor Green: My trip to DC on Red Flag Gun Confiscation Laws

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By Marjorie Taylor Green

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National Director and Spokesperson for Family America Project
Contributing Writer to Law Enforcement Today and Whiskey Patriots


How the Second Amendment Dies..

In this weeks edition of the American Letters, I want to tell you all about my trip to Washington DC. I traveled to DC because of my great concern for the gun control legislation that is being considered in the Senate. I know most of you are thinking, why worry about gun control laws being passed in the Senate? After all the Senate is controlled by Republicans and Republicans won’t pass gun control bills. Well, I would love to agree and share your sentiment, however, we do have a lot to worry about, and that is why I spent my own money and took the time to go.

Let me explain.

First of all, we all know that the Democrats want…

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