ACT FOR AMERICA: TAKE ACTION: Pitzer College President Faces Backlash for Standing with Israel!

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Radical leftist students at Pitzer College are calling for the resignation of their President, Melvin Oliver, for supporting the school’s study abroad trips to Israel. This comes after President Melvin Oliver issued a veto over a resolution passed by the student senators and a governing faculty body to suspend the trips to Israel.

The resolution accuses President Oliver and his administration of being complicit in Islamophobia simply for opposing anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanction (BDS) policies!

The resolution also criticizes the administration’s decision to overturn a 2017 amendment enacting BDS regulations to student senate spending.

We cannot sit idly by on our hands and watch the youth of America become brainwashed with anti-Semitic policies.

Click the button below to send an email to President Melvin Oliver EXPRESSING YOUR SUPPORT for the administration standing strong aganist anti-semitism.


Thank YOU for taking action and standing strong in opposition to anti-Semitism and…

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ACT FOR AMERICA: INVESTIGATE the Southern Poverty Law Center!

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A Safer America Starts with You

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has made a living off of slandering everyday conservatives like us!

With over 500 million dollars in the bank, the mainstream media in their back pockets, and numerous tax breaks — these factors give the SPLC a distinct advantage over their political opponents!

Thankfully, we finally have a U.S. Senator who won’t back down and is taking clear and decisive action on this issue!

This week, Senator Tom Cotton sent a formal letter to the IRS asking for a full investigation into the workings of the SPLC.

We all know the importance of exposing and combating the SPLC and their dishonest tactics.

This is why we are asking you to add your name to ACT for America’s Open Letter in support of Senator Cotton’s actions!

For over a decade now, the Southern Poverty Law Center has done the bidding of their leftist political allies…

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