Rebel dot Media: ANTIFA and the mainstream media LIED about Rebel reporter “harassing” female “journalist”

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We don’t address every malicious plot against us here at The Rebel — if we did, we’d never get any work done — but occasionally, the lies get so big that we have to tell our side of the story.

Here’s what happened: Keean Bexte, my Rebel colleague, was recently in Winnipeg at the same time as the notorious anti-Semite and Women’s March organizer, Linda Sarsour.

Keean went to the protest against her, which was organized by the Jewish community, to hear and report their concerns — but before Keean even landed in Winnipeg, Antifa were already planning to assault him.

Then, in a peculiar twist of fate, a left-wing activist and journalist called Emily Leedham tweeted that Keean had “cornered” her with “other local men” to provoke an “inflammatory” response.

And that was it — the mainstream media was hooked — CBC, Global News and the Ottawa Citizen all…

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