Yes, Trump Can Invoke the Insurrection Act to Deport Immigrants

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There is truly, an existential crises in today’s America being invaded through all ports of entry and across vast areas of borderlands both north and south. President Trump MUST use all legal means to still this invasion and send all invaders and their families back to their homelands.

It is much better for these people to be in their native homes and request help from the United States.

MAY 17, 2019 Stephen I. Vladeck
Professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law

One of the most interesting legal phenomena of the Trump administration has been the increased use of—and public focus on—previously obscure federal statutes that delegate surprisingly broad power to the president. From using the National Emergencies Act to build his border wall and the Federal Vacancies Reform Act to control the upper echelons of the executive branch, to using the Trade Expansion Act to raise…

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