Bipartisanship – AOC teams up with… Ted Cruz

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The last time that Sen. Ted Cruz, R-T.X., described the Democrats, he called them “bat-crap crazy.”

Now, Cruz finds himself cutting a deal with an unlikely lawmaker…. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y.

Cruz reached across the aisle and respond to the congressional Democrat over a crucial political issue.

“Indeed, I have long called for a LIFETIME BAN on former Members of Congress becoming lobbyists,” Cruz responded to an Ocasio-Cortez tweet late last week. “The Swamp would hate it, but perhaps a chance for some bipartisanship cooperation?”


AOC: If you are a member of Congress + leave, you shouldn’t be allowed to turn right around&leverage your service for a lobbyist check.

I don’t think it should be legal at ALL to become a corporate lobbyist if you’ve served in Congress.

At minimum there should be a long wait period.

Cruz: Here’s something I don’t say often: on this point, I…

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