TSA Allows Illegals Fly Without Proper ID And Escort Illegals Around Security Checkpoints

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But American citizens have to obtain the equivalent of a 1930s Germany government issued RFID REAL ID to enter an airpot or a government building. WAKE UP AMERICA!

Getting on an airplane can be an unpleasant process. First showing a picture ID then waiting on line, taking off one’s shoes and belt, putting your arms up as you get zapped by an x-ray machine, and sometimes getting your privates felt up by a TSA agent.

That’s why it is so upsetting that the TSA allows people whose very presence in the United States is a crime, to bypass the security process.

People who are in the country illegally and caught and released by ICE or Border Patrol are being allowed to use “notice to appear in court” papers as an acceptable form of identification to board flights.

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