Prosecutor in 2009 Epstein Case Said Donald Trump Was the ONLY ONE Who Helped Him

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Hi, I thought you might enjoy reading this article I just came across: “Prosecutor in 2009 Epstein Case Said Donald Trump Was the ONLY ONE Who Helped Him”

An attorney who represented the victims of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual assault said that in 2009, the only person that helped him was then citizen Donald Trump.

Donald Trump knew Jeffrey Epstein. He helped prosecutors who represented victims of Epstein and he reportedly kicked Epstein out of Mar-a-Lago.

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Julie K. Brown: “Quite A Few Powerful And Important” Names Will Come Up In Jeffrey Epstein Sex Trafficking Case

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!!You just know they’ll blame it on Trump!!

Miami Herald investigative reporter Julie K. Brown, who has done original reporting on details of the alleged sex trafficking crimes of billionaire Jeffrey Epstein for the past several years, joined MSNBC Sunday morning to discuss the evidence against Epstein and the “rogues gallery” of rich, powerful, and famous people who are suspected to have used his services. Epstein was arrested Saturday in New Jersey on sex trafficking charges.

I’ve felt a lot of pressure,” Brown said. “Needless to say, these are very powerful people and I think that they’re sweating a little bit, especially today. We don’t know how much, how deep this went, how far-reaching it went in government, but there have been a lot of names that I could see on these message pads [listing clients] on a regular basis as part of the evidence. These message pads where they…

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Not so fresh! Shocking moment Walmart shopper gargles mouthwash, spits it back into the bottle then RETURNS it to the shelf

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  • Bameron Nicole Smith is seen declaring, ‘It has been one musty f**king morning’
  • Smith then opens Listerine, swigs it and dumps contents back into the bottle
  • Smith comments: ‘Mmm, nice and minty fresh’ before strutting down the aisle
  • Clip was captioned, ‘You bitches with no oral hygiene could take a hint
  • Video from San Jose-based tweeter received 15.6 million views by Friday
  • Smith received hate-filled transphobic comments after it went viral Wednesday
  • YouTuber friend Larz claims he started ‘trend of opening products without buying them’ and is seen scooping a store’s ice cream from tub with his hand
  • Clip this week shows woman licking ice cream and returning to Walmart freezer

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HAPPY FOURTH: Liberal Mob Filmed Burning American Flag Outside White House on Independence Day

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Epic take down by Patriot journalist streamer! Well done my friend, WELL DONE!

The mob appeared to torch an American flag.

A group of liberal protestors chose to celebrate the anniversary of America’s founding on July 4th in a unconventional manner: burning the American flag.

The progressives were protesting outside of the White House against President Donald Trump’s planned Independence Day parade. The glorious parade featured M1 Abrams Tanks and a robust presence of American armed forces.

Watch the shocking spectacle here:

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