EMERGENCY: We were banned from reporting on the leader’s debate — help us go to court on Monday morning!

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This Monday is the only English language election debate that Justin Trudeau will participate in. But his hand-picked debate commission has banned our reporters, and other conservative media from even attending to debate.

It’s a shocking violation of freedom of the speech and freedom of the press.

They only told us about being banned today. So we immediately hired a law firm that’s going to work all weekend, and they’ll go to court on Monday to seek an emergency injunction!

Here are the details:


To be clear, we’re not seeking to be amongst the five journalists allowed to actually ask Trudeau questions — he’d never allow that. We just want to be allowed in the building at all, like a hundred other journalists will be.

We’ve been banned — but other media, like China’s Communist propaganda arm, Xinhua, have been welcomed. It’s outrageous.

The official excuse is that our…

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Project Veritas: ANOTHER Project Veritas legal victory: Common Core lawsuit

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In January of 2016, Project Veritas released an investigation into textbook publishing companies. It exposed what was taking place within the Common Core program which changed our education curriculum.

A textbook sales representative, Kimberly Koerber, was caught on hidden camera stating, “The dead white guys did not create this country,” and “Damn the Second Amendment,” among other statements.

Following the release of this investigation, Koerber filed a lawsuit against Project Veritas in the Los Angeles County Superior Court alleging that her privacy had been violated since she had been recorded without her knowledge.

In a victory for the First Amendment, the court dismissed this case on January 12, 2018.

The court found Koerber’s suit ran afoul of a California statute prohibiting actions that are, effectively, a Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (also known as the “Anti-SLAPP” statute). PV’s undercover reporting addressed the Common Core curriculum, a newsworthy subject of not…

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Clint Eastwood’s next move is driving liberals INSANE

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The trailer for the next Clint Eastwood film, “Richard Jewell,” has been released — and liberals absolutely furious about it.

Right on time, Eastwood is delivering a movie directed right at the fake news media.

It retells the real life story of Richard Jewell, the security guard who was falsely accused of the 1996 bombing during the Atlanta Summer Olympic Games. Jewell discovered the bomb. He led an evacuation of the area and avoided thousands of potential casualties (two deaths and 111 injuries were reported) — but his status as national hero was short lived when he became the prime suspect in the bombing.

The FBI leaked information on the investigation to the media — and they fueled hysteria surrounding Jewell that he was guilty.

The false and unconfirmed information run by the mainstream media created a narrative about Jewell — that he was a failed, wannabe police officer who…

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