RebalMedia: BREAKING: I’m writing to you from the Federal Court, where we’re seeking a n emergency injunction against Trudeau

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I’m writing to you from the Federal Court in downtown Toronto.

Because on Friday, Justin Trudeau’s hand-picked debate commission banned Rebel News reporters from even attending the only English-language debate in this election.

He deliberately waited until the very last day — Friday — before telling us we’re banned.

I think they wanted us to give up.

Instead, we immediately hired a law firm to work all weekend putting together an emergency lawsuit for an injunction, to get a judge to override Trudeau’s censorship.

That’s what we’re doing in court today.

I’d like you to read all of the court documents. You can see them all by clicking

You’ll see our lawsuit, including my sworn affidavit and our legal brief — that’s what we hired our lawyers to do.

But the government hired at least three lawyers to work all weekend to fight us. Click here to see their…

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