Where is Hunter Biden?

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From PDJT:

Where is Hunter Biden? He has disappeared while the Fake News protects his Crooked daddy, who is a total joke.

Together, Sleepy Joe and his son, Hunter, have LIED to the American People and ripped off foreign companies for MILLIONS of dollars – and yet, they have the nerve to call for MY IMPEACHMENT? I DID NOTHING WRONG.

This is the greatest Scam and Witch Hunt in the history of the United States. The Do Nothing Democrats are Con Artists who are only looking to hurt the Republican Party and your President. It’s disgusting.

I’m sick and tired of Sleepy Joe and his corrupt son LYING about me. They are the ones that need to be investigated for their corruption.

We can’t let these frauds get away with STEALING THE ELECTION, which is why I’m calling on YOU to step up and join my Official Impeachment Defense Task…

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Author: a12iggymom

Conservative - Christian - Patriot

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