New twist to Red Flag Laws, Misdemeanors and Gun Laws: Screwing Up The Court System

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From The Lid:
State law in Nevada prohibits people who have misdemeanor domestic violence charges from owning a firearm. But the state law forgot about a more universal law, the law of unintended consequences…

The problem is that misdemeanors are generally tried in municipal courts, not large courtrooms. The smaller courts have no place for juries…

Currently, Bloomberg News is pushing for gun bans on persons who have been convicted of misdemeanor alcohol-related offenses. In most states, 3 DUIs become a felony anyway. Felons are federally prohibited from firearms purchases (on paper at any rate). Of course, the owner of Bloomberg News, former NY mayor Michael Bloomberg wants gun control laws to be more draconian…

The Nevada law is further proof that as more gun laws are added, the mess in the justice system increases.

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