?False Flag? attack on Seattle on Nov 03, 2019

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This is not my message but throngs say they ‘knew’ about the attack that was about to happen on 9/11 and did nothing.

Watch the vid and make up your own mind.

Most of the ‘truthers’ claim these same type of media incidences happened prior to the attack.

False Flag attack on Seattle on Nov 03, 2019


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Mike Huckabee gets cruel with Mitt Romney Or should we say, “Pierre Delecto”

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“The man is 72-years-old. Having fake twitter accounts on social media: that’s the work of kids, cowards, couch potatoes, and perverts like Carlos Danger,” 😂

He’s a pervert too!

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee went on Fox News early Monday to discuss Sen. Mitt Romney, R-U.T. — and he didn’t hold back any punches.

Huckabee slammed Romney after the Utah senator admitted to using a secret social media account under the name “Pierre Delecto.”

Read more: https://thehornnews.com/mike-huckabee-gets-cruel-with-mitt-romney/

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Project Veritas: I am the CNN Insider

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My name is Cary Poarch. I am the Insider that exposed CNN. Why did I

Veritas Logo

My name is Cary Poarch. I am the Insider that exposed CNN.

Why did I do it? Simple…

Two and a half years ago, I started working [as a contractor] at CNN. I quickly realized that my dream job had become a nightmare. They pretend to be center of the road.

But in reality, CNN is driving a political narrative.

I don’t care which way you lean… opinion is not news.

All I want is for people to have the facts and to make up their own minds. That’s the beauty of America! That’s why I did this.

I never wanted my name in the news. I made a sacrifice because it is vital for people to be informed. When people are informed, they can make their own decisions.

The media should report news. Is…

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