Peter Townsend: Nothing ‘So Called’ about Baghdadi’s Islamic State

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The death of a leader not an ideology

THE death of a leader not an ideology

Nothing ‘So-Called’ About Baghdadi’s Islamic State

The news that Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi finally met his fate is to be welcomed. At the very least the action by the Trump administration will slow down the efforts of ISIS to rebuild their capacity to unleash terror. We should not kid ourselves however, that this means the end of the ideology that animated ISIS. This is because this ideology is deeply rooted in the classical teachings of Islam.

In recent years, Western leaders have fallen over themselves to denounce the “Islamic State” as somehow un-Islamic. A representative quote is this one from former President Barack Obama: “We are not at war with Islam but with those who perverted Islam”. According to this line of reasoning, ISIS is simply an aberration that cannot find any justification…

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