This Is “The First Presidential Impeachment Inquiry In Modern History Authorized By Memb ers Of Only One Party”

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It’s nothing less than insurrection and a coup by communist factions in Congress.

The Democrats have really messed up this time. On Thursday, we witnessed the first major congressional test for this impeachment inquiry, and the House of Representatives did approve the formal rules that were being pushed by Nancy Pelosi and her cronies. But it was a major victory for President Trump, because not a single Republican voted for those rules. Not only that, a couple of Democrats actually voted with the Republicans. This was a significant embarrassment for Democratic leadership, and it likely foreshadows how the rest of this process is going to play out. Yes, the Democrats have the numbers to impeach Trump in the House, but without any Republican defections the effort to remove Trump from office will be completely dead once it gets to the Senate.

If even a handful of Republicans had defected on…

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Must See Ocasio-Cortez TRIGGERED by THIS clever Halloween prank

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😎 😂 Happy Day After Halloween!

Conservative pundit Tomi Lahren celebrated Halloween in the spookiest way possible… and it left Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., furious.

The Fox Nation host’s choice of costume was an easy one.

It wasn’t a monster.

It was the boogeyman.

It was “the thing that scares me most,” she wrote on a social media post depicting her costume.

So she dressed up as none other than the most famous socialist in America: Ocasio-Cortez. 😂

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